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Since 2016, Brotherton has been supporting the Sabre Trust, a leading early years education charity working to improve the futures of thousands of poor and marginalised children in Ghana.

The importance of early years education cannot be underestimated and by focusing on the kindergarten sector (4 and 5 year old children), where the need is greatest, Sabre makes the most impact on improving children’s future life outcomes. The Sabre Trust’s Brighter Futures Programme provides an innovative and carefully considered response to the challenge of poor learning environments and weak teacher capacity in the kindergarten sector, which is delivered through Building Better Schools and providing Transformational Teacher Training.

Sabre’s projects are transforming attitudes to kindergarten education in Ghana, challenging stigmas and sensitising teachers and parents to the importance of learning through activity and play in the early years. To date, these projects have provided over 23,120 children with a quality kindergarten education.